Fiches de montage

Stringing instructions

The stringing instructions exempt from measuring the vibrating length of each string.

We supply stringing instructions for certain models of piano. These instructions, indicate, note by note, the type of wire to use for plain strings. They are based on numerous measurements .

If the piano you wish to restring is mentioned in the list below, consult the instructions and order according rolls.
If on the other hand your instrument does not appear in this list you should note down the scaling and use the Typogram, or request a personalized optimization.

For more precise work

The stringing instructions do not take into account the frequent discrepancies between theory and reality due to approximations in the positioning of the iron frame or of the bridge during construction. If you wish to work more precisely, we recommend you measure and write down each vibrating length and each diameter, then use the Typogram. Otherwise ask us for a scaling optimization.

In all cases, it is necessary to note down the A and B dimensions of the bass strings before ordering from your bass strings maker.