Optimisation de plans de cordes

Stringing optimization

The best type of string with the best diameter

The best type of string with the best diameter

Optimization of the scaling consists not only in proposing the best choice of the type of string but also, taking into account mechanical, acoustic and musical criteria, recalculating the diameters of the strings.

When should you order a personalized scaling ?

  • when the instrument has no longer any strings or when they have been incorrectly replaced
  • when there are no indications written on the pin block
  • when you really want the replacement of the strings to be an operation of musical importance, guaranteeing artists' satisfaction.

Additional results

Tensions are equalized, stabilization time of the stringing is reduced, tuning is easier and longer-lasting, risk of breaking strings is reduced.


  • complete scaling : 300 euros before VAT
  • bass strings only : 200 euros before VAT
  • plain strings only : 100 euros before VAT

Scaling optimization will be carried out on the basis of the measures you have noted down and entered into the Typogram.

Prices are put up by 60 € if data are not communicated via the Typogram or the bass strings order form